Dame Joan Collins used to “dress, look, and act like a boy” when she was growing up.

Dame Joan Collins 'hated' her changing body

Dame Joan Collins 'hated' her changing body

The 90-year-old actress recalled hating her changing shape when she hit puberty and resorted to concealing her figure in baggy clothes designed for the opposite sex.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “I would dress, look, and act like a boy.

“I went to football games with my father, wearing corduroy and brogues and sweaters to hide my body.

“That only lasted for six months, I am happy to say.”

Joan “always” knew she wanted to be an actress and was discovered at drama school when she was 15, and she recalled being determined to follow her dreams – but on her own terms.

She said: “I always wanted to be an actress and even though I loved movie stars I wanted to be on the stage.”

Of being in Hollywood by the age of 20, she added: “I got offered $1,000 a week but I wanted $2,500.

“My agent said I was insane and said I should stay in England and learn my craft.

“But they gave me the money and I got to play top roles. I was very lucky.”

Joan – who has been happily married to fifth husband Percy Gibson for 21 years - is best known for playing Alexis Colby on ‘Dynasty’ and looking back, she thinks it is funny how producer Aaron Spelling insisted on her constantly sporting “terrible” headgear.

She said: “During Covid, Percy and I watched a box set. I thought, ‘Why did they put me in those terrible hats?’ They were appalling.

“When Aaron Spelling first saw me, he said, ‘We have to put a lot of hats on that gal’, so I either had terrible hats or terrible wigs.”

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