Daniel Radcliffe Googles himself.

Daniel Radcliffe Googles himself

Daniel Radcliffe Googles himself

The 34-year-old actor admitted during a lie detector test that he's looked himself up online and been amazed by some of the bizarre stories he's read about himself.

Quizzed on if he'd Googled himself by his 'Merrily We Roll Along' co-stars Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez for Vanity Fair magazine, he confessed: "Yes."

Jonathan noted: "Aw, Dan, so honest".

The 'Harry Potter' star gestured to the polygrapher and said: "I mean there’s no point f****** lying is there, Judd?"

The duo then quizzed Daniel as to the weirdest thing he's read about himself.

He said: "In terms of stories about me,the weirdest I've read about myself was that I had the SAS walk my dogs, that I had special beer brewed for myself by monks in a monastery in Belgium, that I had to get my assistant to hold my scripts in the mirror while I was getting my make-up done - even though that doesn't make f****** sense ‘cause I wouldn't be able to read mirror writing.

“And yeah, there’s a long list."

Daniel - who shot to fame playing the titular wizard in the 'Harry Potter' franchise - also revealed he'd read some bizarre fan fiction stories fantasising about his alter ego and former co-star Tom Felton's Draco Malfoy together.

Asked if he's read fanfiction about himself, he said: ”Yes, aloud on TV.

“I’m obviously aware there’s a lot of like shipping of Harry and Draco as characters together. So, I’ve read some of that.

"Shipping is like when you want two characters to get together, for a relationship...

“And this is the kind of thing I know from being in a franchise film of which people are funny about."

Daniel has been mistaken for Elijah Wood over the years, and though he thinks he and the 'Hobbit' star are "conceptually" the same, he insisted they look nothing alike.

He said: "Me and Elijah Wood, the idea of us is the same - we're both short, pale, brown haired actors with blue eyes, but we don't actually look that alike but conceptually we are the same.

"I think it's very funny [when I get mistaken for him]. I'd imagine he would get annoyed that people mistook him for me because I was a 12 year old child when he was playing Frodo.

"I have signed photos of him. I got a letter the other day from someone I'm pretty sure is a troll but it's a really good one so I'm gonna write back to it, wirth a picture of him from Sin City and it was like 'I loved you in 'Sin City', it's one of my favourite can you please sign this and send it back to me.'

"[Am I gonna do it?] Yeah, absolutely. But I'll sign my name and be like 'This is Elijah Wood'.