Dua Lipa ran into her parents at a nightclub during her party days.

Dua Lipa ran into her parents at a nightclub during her party days

Dua Lipa ran into her parents at a nightclub during her party days

The 28-year-old singer opened up in a new cover story for Elle magazine about how the incident was typical of her family’s love of partying and music.

She said about running into her mum Anesa Rexha and dad Dukagjin Lipa at The Box nightclub in New York City while she was with fellow pop star Charli XCX, 31, in the city’s Lower East Side.

She said after the publication’s profile on her mentioned the moment: “(My family) celebrate everything and anything, and we just love a party.

“When I go to my aunt’s house, it all starts off pretty tame.

“Then the music comes on, and we’re all dancing in the house. And that’s a Tuesday!”

Dua also opened up about regularly spending time in nightclubs throughout her teenage years, adding: “When I started (songwriting), I worked at La Bodega Negra, a Mexican restaurant that looked like a sex shop.

“I’d finish work, then go out to whatever nightclub was happening until, like, three in the morning.

“Then I would wake up and go to the studio until I had my shift again at, like, 8pm.

“(My) music was reflective of my every day, or every night.”

Dua also opened up about critics targeting her for seeming like she is on a permanent holiday – which has led to her being nicknamed ‘Vacanza Queen’ online.

She said about the mockery – which came after she posted a slew of images of herself in bikinis on sunshine breaks: “I’ve been busy for almost 10 years. Every single day, I’ve had some bit of work to do.

“But people are going to say something anyway. People say a lot of mean things about a lot of people.”

She added if fans want to poke fun at her travels by giving her a nickname, “I’ll take it”.

Dua went on about how she is determined to be happy in her work and downtime: “Whether I’m performing or going out, if it’s not fun, I don’t want it.

“You have to make room for joy. The world can be burning down, but goddamn… if you didn’t spend any of your life trying to be happy, I don't know what you’ve done.”

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