Dua Lipa is set to star in a new documentary series on Disney+.

Dua Lipa will feature in the documentary series

Dua Lipa will feature in the documentary series

The chart-topping singer will be one of the big-name stars who features in 'Camden', the upcoming documentary series that's being directed by award-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia.

The series - which centres on the influence of London's Camden neighbourhood - will also put the spotlight on the likes of Coldplay's Chris Martin, Mark Ronson, Boy George and the Black Eyed Peas.

Individual episodes will be helmed by Toby Trackman, Yemi Bamiro and co-director Sarah Lambert.

Plans to make the documentary series were announced on Wednesday (23.08.23) at the Edinburgh TV Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dua was born and raised in London, but her family hail from the Balkans and the pop star previously claimed that it's a "big part" of her identity.

The brunette beauty - who lived in Kosovo during her teens - told WSJ. Magazine: "It's such a big part of who I am. Given my parents and how they came to the UK, [the refugee situation] has always been something that's really close to my heart."

Dua, 28, also insisted that she won't allow anyone to deny her "identity".

The 'Levitating' hitmaker - who has enjoyed huge success in recent years - said: "I read a lot of comments from people telling me that I don't have a country, I don't have an identity, Kosovo doesn't exist.

"I lived in Kosovo, I know the lives that were lost [during the war]. So for somebody to deny me my identity and my experience, it's hard for me to stand back and not speak up about it. So that's something that I will always do."