Dustin Lance Black reportedly called the police after getting into an altercation with an events promoter in London on Thursday (18.08.22).

Dustin Lance Black 'called police after nightclub altercation'

Dustin Lance Black 'called police after nightclub altercation'

The 48-year-old screenwriter and director was enjoying a romantic date night with his husband, Olympic diver Tom Daley, 28, when he allegedly got into an argument with Teddy Edwardes, 32, and threw a drink on her.

Lick events founder Teddy – who stars in BBC3 show ‘The Big Proud Party Agency’ - claims she responded with a "a little tap on the head" but Dustin called it a "targeted attack" and called the police.

Tom and Dustin - who have son Robbie, four, together - had dinner at Avo Mario and watched a drag show at Chinatown's Ku Bar before going to Freedom, a gay bar in Soho.

According to Teddy, she invited them to sit with her but Dustin became upset after she asked a stranger who joined their table to leave.

In a series of videos on her Instagram Stories, Teddy alleged: "I went out for a couple of quiet drinks with some friends last night, nothing crazy and I bumped into Tom Daley and his husband in Soho, who pretty much unprovoked he threw an entire drink over me in Freedom.

“I didn’t have a drink to throw back so I did choose violence, but I wasn’t that violent he got a little tap on the head.

"Tell me why he is crying outside saying it’s a targeted attack and he’s traumatised and called the police, so I have to wait for hours and now I have been cautioned and have to go in for interviews."

She added: "For everyone asking what happened, we basically invited them to where we were sitting and I bought them some drinks etc, everything was fine.

"And then this random guy came and sat with us and my friend said they felt uncomfortable because they didn’t know who it was so I asked security if they could move them on.

"The security came to move them on and Tom’s husband started going mad saying how unwelcome I’ve made him feel and that he was leaving, so I was like OK? If that's what you want? Then got straight drink to the face.

"I have to add that Tom Daley was lovely throughout he was just trying to diffuse the situation."

However, a source close to Tom and Lance claimed that Lance was "punched in the back of the head".

The insider told The Sun newspaper: "Tom and Lance were out on a date night without Robbie. They went to Freedom after dinner.

"Someone punched Lance in the back of the head, the person who punched him was removed from Freedom by security who checked CCTV, it was reported to police who are looking into it.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told The Sun that they were called to the venue just before 12.30am on Thursday, "following reports of an altercation involving a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s".

They added that no arrests have been made.