Geri Horner has explained why she only wears white.

Geri Horner has explained why she now only wears white

Geri Horner has explained why she now only wears white

The 50-year-old Spice Girls star has ditched colourful outfits in recent years and now only wears light-coloured clothing prompting some fans to speculate why she insists on wearing easily stainable outfits despite being a mum to two kids and looking after animals including horses, chickens and donkeys at her family's country home in Oxfordshire - but Geri is adamant she just wants her wardrobe to be plain and simple.

She told OK! magazine: "[It makes life] simple. I like the colour and it's like wearing a school uniform as an adult. It matches everything and I don't have to think in the mornings. It's great for busy people - it looks like you've made an effort when you haven't."

Geri is mum to daughter Bluebell, 17, from a previous relationship as well as son Monty, six, with her husband Christian Horner as well as being step-mum to the F1 boss' daughter Olivia from his previous marriage.

During the interview, Geri also spoke about her milestone 50th birthday last year - revealing she's happy to embrace ageing because getting older is a "gift".

She added to the publication: "Age is a gift. I've got a few more wrinkles, but I've also got more discernment, more wisdom. It's a trade-off."

As well as being a busy mum, Geri is also said to be hard at work on a Spice Girls reunion. Reports suggest the girl group will be getting back together again to mark their 30th anniversary and could even perform at the 2024 Glastonbury Festival.

A source told The Sun newspaper they are also in talks to make a documentary about their career, saying: "The girls have discussed a documentary which would show never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes footage plus present-day interviews. All five are on board to mark 30 years in some way, shape or form. It’s very exciting.”

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