Geri Horner found herself getting up close and personal with "sexually responsive" owls.

Geri Horner with an owl

Geri Horner with an owl

The Spice Girls singer met the majestic birds of prey during the most recent episode of her Rainbow Woman YouTube series and it ended up being an unusual experience.

In the video, the bird keeper said: "Every March, she lays me three eggs because I’m her partner. She's in love with me. We get them sexually responsive to humans … honestly."

To which Geri replies: "Sexually responsive? They fancy him! Is that what he means?"

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old singer has decided to do some rewilding at her Oxfordshire estate.

Speaking about her plans, she said: "I’m planting lots of trees, we’ve dedicated one field just to plant trees, that’s near Oxford. Basically it’s planting in lines, about five lines of 20 trees in each line, about 100 trees. It’s going to be for wildlife.

"There’s a lot of talk of rewilding, it feels such a generous respectful thing to do, if we can have the ability. I think it would be amazing to have beavers and wildcats on my land. Of course with wildcats there’s the Scottish wildcat, red squirrels would be amazing."

Geri brought her husband Christian some goats for Christmas - before realising they were both pregnant and she ended up with a lot more than originally planned.

She explained to The Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "I met a farmer at a party and have always bought friends pets for Christmas at my peril and sometimes they have been returned, I've broken up with boyfriends when they've returned them."I bought my husband two goats for Christmas and didn't realise but by January they had babies. They were both girls but both pregnant. He wasn't a fan of them."

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