Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper are "really happy in their relationship".

Gigi Hadid is dating the Hollywood star

Gigi Hadid is dating the Hollywood star

The 29-year-old model and Bradley, 49, began dating in 2023, and they're both very happy together.

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Everything is going well with Gigi and Bradley and they’re really happy in their relationship.

"Their friends and family would love to see them get engaged soon, but also know that they are on their own path and timeline."

The celebrity duo have both been open and honest with each other about their long-term plans and ambitions.

The insider shared: "Communication has always been key between the two of them and they are both open and honest with each other about their future.

"They are also both dedicated when it comes to their work commitments and projects, loved ones, and parenthood.

"They have similar goals, which makes it very easy for them to connect."

Last year, meanwhile, a source claimed that Bradley felt "excited" about getting to know Gigi.

The Hollywood actor loves spending time with Gigi and she's "exactly his type".

The source told "Bradley is excited about getting to know Gigi.

"He hasn't felt this excitement about a woman in a very long time.

"They are taking it slow, but he's very into her. She is exactly his type."

Bradley and Gigi - who previously dated pop star Zayn Malik - were also said to be "having fun" together, in spite of their age gap.

A second source said at the time: "Bradley is eager to date again and be in a relationship.

"He loves all that comes with it and Gigi is beautiful and she gets it, she is really cool and knows her way around relationships like this with famous men, so they are both having fun."