Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter get a new piercing every year.

Gwyneth Paltrow with her daughter Apple (c) Instagram

Gwyneth Paltrow with her daughter Apple (c) Instagram

The Goop founder has just unveiled her new jewellery line and she has confessed that her and her daughter Apple, 17 - who she has with her former husband Chris Martin - have new piercings every year to mark her birthday.

As she gave fans a look at the new collection, she revealed their tradition, sharing: "Every year on Apple’s birthday, we get a new piercing - it's this little tradition we have. She was a big inspiration for this collection and helped me refine the designs. She’ll definitely be ‘borrowing’ her namesake earrings."

Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow - who also has Moses, 15, with ex Chris - previously confessed her daughter Apple doesn't like her mom's fashion advice, despite the Goop founder giving out advice on outfits and shopping to fans on her website.

She said: "She does not want my advice whatsoever on anything. She has all of her online stores that she loves, and my son is the exact opposite. My daughter likes my style now, which is great because there was a period of time where she thought I was a total loser. My son, he never likes it if I wear anything revealing, like vaguely see-through or too low cut or too high cut. He wants me to dress very conservatively when I leave the house."

And Gwyneth herself takes a lot of shopping tips from her father Bruce Paltrow.

She added: "My dad was more of a shopper than my mom. He always said to buy things of great quality, and look after that. Whenever he would wear a cashmere cable knit sweater, he would put it back in a plastic bag with a little cedar chip in it. He kept his shoes and nice items bagged. He really looked after his things."