Josh Hartnett hasn't had a "cohesive career".

Josh Hartnett has reflected on his unusual career journey

Josh Hartnett has reflected on his unusual career journey

The 44-year-old actor was one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood during his younger years, but Josh has subsequently opted to shun some big-budget film projects.

Speaking to The Independent, Josh - who previously starred in 'Pearl Harbor' and 'Black Hawk Down' - explained: "I have an artistic mind, and I want to follow things that are somehow just outside of my understanding.

"Does that necessarily make for a cohesive career in a movie star sense? No. But before the last few years I just had less of a chance to do it."

Josh loves making movies and TV shows - but he doesn't enjoy the demands of fame.

He explained: "Coming up to the city and doing an interview is a rarity. Typically, I work on the films that I work on, and then I go home."

Josh previously claimed that Hollywood studios wanted him to become a "brand".

The actor made a conscious decision to change the direction of his career after becoming a sought-after star.

Josh - who is married to actress Tamsin Egerton - told the Guardian newspaper: "[Hollywood studios] looked at me as someone who had bitten the hand that fed me. It wasn’t that. I wasn’t doing it to be recalcitrant or a rebel.

"People wanted to create a brand around me that was going to be accessible and well-liked, but I didn’t respond to the idea of playing the same character over and over, so I branched out.

"I tried to find smaller films I could be part of and, in the process, I burned my bridges at the studios because I wasn’t participating. Our goals weren’t the same."