Jude Law feels there is a desire from "all quarters" to get the arts industry operating in full following the coronavirus pandemic.

Jude Law

Jude Law

The 48-year-old actor explained that both audiences and performers want to see the arts return in all their glory after more than a year of restrictions due to COVID-19 as people want to "express" themselves once again.

Speaking on BBC Radio 6 Music, Jude said: "There is a will and desire from all quarters to get projects back up and running. What's incredible about music, art, theatre and film is that people live to express themselves and others reach out to take part in those expressions."

Jude added that he found "adapting" easy despite the pandemic having a big impact on the film industry, as he had projects that he was working on.

He shared: "Adapting was quite easy, I was fortunate enough to go onto a job that was figuring out how to do it with all the restrictions in place."

Jude is starring in Sean Durkin's psychological thriller film 'The Nest' as businessman Rory O'Hara, a man who convinces his family to return to Britain from New York during the 1980s, and he took inspiration from Hollywood greats Paul Newman and Robert Redford in a bid to make his alter ego more likeable for the audience.

The 'Fantastic Beasts' actor said: "The character on first reading was quite unlikeable, there were actions and decisions he made on the page that made him quite repellent. Sean reminded me of the performances that Robert Redford would give – where he could be dashing and charismatic before revealing what was going on later.

"There was a lot of inspiration from the Newman and Redford era in trying to make the character attractive."