Kylie Jenner feels motivated by "haters".

Kylie Jenner wants to prove her critics wrong

Kylie Jenner wants to prove her critics wrong

The 26-year-old make-up mogul is aware of what's said about her online, and Kylie uses criticism as a motivation.

The reality star - who has enjoyed huge success with her Kylie Cosmetics brand - told Interview magazine: "I make notes if I’m getting inspiration. I’m online a lot. Also the haters fuel me."

Kylie has maintained a very close relationship with her siblings, and she regards her family as an important part of her own success.

She said: "We can’t really take space because we work together. But at the end of the day, we are all obsessed with each other and would probably choose each other as friends if we weren’t family."

The brunette beauty acknowledges that she has an "amazing platform" for her brand.

She shared: "I’ve had such an amazing platform and I choose to put in the work. I could have been handed the same gift and decided not to do anything with it, but I took advantage of this amazing opportunity."

On the other hand, Kylie has been forced to employ security staff since becoming a mom.

The make-up mogul - who has Stormi, five, and Aire, 21 months, with Travis Scott - explained: "I was young when I got pregnant, but I never had security until I got pregnant.

"I have two security in rotation for them and they have been with me for five-plus years. She’s very familiar with them, which I feel comfortable with. She actually has a lot of love for them. I just tell my security to not make it so serious, so they have a good relationship.

"I’m trying to figure it out too because I never had security growing up, so I don’t know what that’s like, but I try to make it as normal and friendly as possible."

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