Lewis Capaldi woke up mortified he had drunk-called Chris Martin.

Lewis Capaldi woke up mortified he had drunk-called Chris Martin

Lewis Capaldi woke up mortified he had drunk-called Chris Martin

The ‘Someone You Loved’ singer, 26, said he FaceTime’d the Coldplay frontman on St Patrick’s Day, which he insisted was one of the three times he says he has hit the booze so far this year.

He told The Times he felt fine about drinking on March 17 as his friend Ed Sheeran told him by text he was “having a few”, but said he fears he embarrassed himself when he got home after the drinking session.

Lewis said: “Ed FaceTime’d me and he was having a few himself so that was fine. It was when I got home that I made an idiot of myself.

“I FaceTime’d Chris Martin, I think to ask if he wanted to come to an after-party.

“Thank God he didn’t reply. I don’t even know him. I met him once and he was sweet enough to put his number in my phone. He put it in as Chris Martin (Coldplay), as if I might forget who he is.

“I woke up the next day and he’d sent me a long, lovely note back, saying he was in Brazil and asking if I was OK.

“‘If it’s urgent, phone me, much love,’ he wrote.”

Lewis – who has said the tics he suffers due to his worsening Tourette’s syndrome may force him to quit music – added he spent the whole next day wracked with nerves.

He said: “Naturally I spent the whole day riddled with anxiety.

“I also FaceTimed Matt Healy (The 1975’s guitarist) that night. Not so bad. “Matty’s more... normal? Oh no, I wouldn’t say that. He’s maybe more up for a laugh.

“I mean, not that Chris isn't. For f***’s sake, I don’t know Chris Martin.

“See, I’m doing it again, embarrassing myself. Please can we leave Chris Martin (Coldplay) out of this?”

Despite his shame over FaceTime’ing Chris, 46, Lewis has said the major upside of drinking is being “hammered” is the only time his Tourette’s is under control.

The BRIT Award winner revealed in 2022 on ‘The Zach Sang Show’ he had the syndrome, which causes uncontrollable twitching and unwanted sounds in sufferers, and still fears despite revealing his condition fans may mistake his ever-worsening tics as the result of drug abuse.

He told The Sun: “As long as I numb myself to the world… funnily, when I’m hammered, it doesn’t happen at all.

“But I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t got the better of me recently. It has.”