Lizzo "cried all day" when she was offered a cameo role in the 'Star Wars' spin-off 'The Mandalorian'.

Lizzo made her guest appearance alongside Jack Black

Lizzo made her guest appearance alongside Jack Black

The 'About Damn Time' hitmaker made a guest appearance as Duchess of Plazir-15, alongside Jack Black as her on-screen husband Captain Bombardier, in Wednesday's (06.04.23) episode of the hit Disney+ series.

And while the 34-year-old Grammy winner admitted it was a dream come true but she only wishes her late father, who got her into the sci-fi franchise, could be here to see his daughter in the galaxy.

She captioned an Instagram selfie with Grogu and Jack: "When I was a young girl my dad introduced me to Star Wars like a rite of passage. The trilogy’s are his favorite movies and quickly became mine. When Jon favreau called me and offered the role of The Dutchess I cried all day wishing my dad was still with us cus he’d be so proud. Star Wars was a dream I never thought was possible— but thanks to Jon, Bryce, and everyone in the galaxy I am now part of the ever-expanding saga of the stars. I am in honorable company and forever grateful. This is The Way…. and May the Force be with you. (sic)"

The 'Good As Hell' hitmaker previously dressed as Grogu aka Baby Yoda for Halloween 2021.

She captioned a snap of her ensemble, including green Ugg boots, on the social media app: “A representative from Grogu’s publicity team has issued a statement regarding the paparazzi photos taken last night: ‘Grogu aka Baby Yoda aka The Child has no recollection of these events. In fact, these events never happened *jedi hand wave*.’”

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