Dame Joan Collins has claimed "separate bathrooms" are the secret to her long lasting marriage.

Dame Joan Collins credits long lasting Percy Gibson marriage to 'separate bathrooms'

Dame Joan Collins credits long lasting Percy Gibson marriage to 'separate bathrooms'

The 90-year-old actress - who celebrated her 20th anniversary last year with fifth husband Percy Gibson, 58 - has opened up on their love for each other, and pointed to the importance of giving each other space, which they're able to do thanks to properties in London, St. Tropez and Los Angeles.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Percy and I became really good friends first. So we had this connection. We really knew each other.

"And separate bathrooms is key! Although we are very lucky. I know that’s not something everyone can have.”

For Dame Joan and Percy, they have their separate officer areas, where she can focus on "writing or phoning [her] friends" and he can manage their three properties.

She explained: “Then we’ll do something together. Like any couple we have our ups and downs. We do occasionally argue – it’s normally when we’re working together.”

The 'Dynasty' star heaped praise on her partner, hailing him as her "accomplice", and someone who is "wonderful, kind" and "extremely handsome".

She added: "It is fifth time lucky. I’ve been feeling that for years. He’s a wonderful, kind, truly good man.

"He’s my – what’s the thing he always says? – my accomplice, yes, and my best friend.

"Plus he’s extremely handsome – and he just gets better and better... Everyone says how lucky I am. And how good he’s looking right now!”

She shrugged off the idea that she's found someone to treat her like a queen, insisting "it can't work like that", with a relstionship needing balance with two people helping and supporting each other.

However, she added: "Every morning before he goes for a run he brings me a coffee in bed while I read all the papers... And he leaves me little notes under the kettle.”

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