Jada Pinkett Smith will never leave Will Smith, even though she recently moved into her own "woman cave".

'Neither of us is going anywhere': Jada Pinkett Smith vows she'll never leave Will Smith

'Neither of us is going anywhere': Jada Pinkett Smith vows she'll never leave Will Smith

The 52-year-old actress and her 55-year-old actor husband shocked fans this year by revealing they have been separated for six years but Jada insisted that the pair are committed to each other, even if one of them meets someone else.

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday's You Magazine, Jada said: "We are both getting older. And besides, we’ve been together 30 years so, even if someone new came along, neither of us is going anywhere. We are a family that needs to look out for one another and always will be. Sometimes it takes a crisis for you to see that."

However, Jada revealed there are benefits to moving out of their Calabasas mansion and into her own home nearby.

She said: "I bought myself a 'woman cave'. Every woman needs a woman cave!

"The best thing is I don’t need to say to Will, 'Are you OK with this couch?'. I got one that’s cream patent leather but with gold studs on it. That expresses the heavy-metal side to me."

When asked how their children reacted, she said: "They knew I needed it. And besides, they are adults now. They know where to find me. They all have their own keys – even Will."

Back in 2020, before they announced they were separated, Jada admitted to having an "entanglement" with August Alsina, a singer/songwriter, 19 years her junior.

She said: "I’m not here to discuss Will’s journey. The point is, at the time of my entanglement, Will and I were not together but he just wasn’t ready for our split to be revealed. The reason I addressed it was that the 'entanglee' had spoken about it and I wanted to confront that. It was my mess, and I took the bullet for it."