Olivia Rodrigo has a fake Instagram account which she uses to "stalk crushes".

Olivia Rodrigo uses a 'Finsta' to keep an eye on people on social media

Olivia Rodrigo uses a 'Finsta' to keep an eye on people on social media

The 20-year-old pop star has opened up about her love of social media admitting she uses an account under another name so she can keep an eye on certain people while remaining anonymous.

She told The Face magazine: "I do [have a fake Instagram] but nothing's on it,' she admitted. 'I just use it to stalk my crushes."

Olivia added that she often spends hours finding out information using social media platforms, confessing: "I'm so good at finding stuff out about people on social media,' she added. 'It's one of my favourite pastimes."

Olivia also admitted she enjoys a good gossip and binge-watched David Beckham's recent documentary series on Netflix. She added: "Oh my God! I am ob-sessed. I couldn’t care less about football, I’ve never watched it, but I need a 10-part series. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. His ​’90s haircut! So cute

"And it’s about a real love story, too. I want someone to love me like that. And I want to read Victoria Beckham’s autobiography. God, I’m such a gossip. Gossip brings me joy - in moderation."

However, she doesn't have much of her own gossip to share as she remains single and a psychic recently told her she's not going to find love until next year.

Olivia went on: "I take it all with a grain of salt, but I really love going to psychics. I hope my one is wrong, though, because she says that I’m not going to find a boyfriend until March. March! We’ll see. I’m just going to do me until then."

Unfortunately Olivia might not have much time for dating in 2024 because she kicks off her 'Guts' world tour in February. She will be on the road for around six months with shows scheduled across North American and Europe.

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