Robert Redford always knew Brad Pitt would become a star in Hollywood.

Robert Redford

Robert Redford

The 81-year-old legend has admitted he can see a lot of his younger self in Brad, and revealed that was the reason the actor was cast in his 1992 coming-of-age drama 'A River Runs Through It', which he directed.

Redford explained: "[This is] the character I would have played if I was younger - being seen as the golden boy but having a dark side.

"I felt we needed somebody who appeared to be a golden character and then we would find out that there was a flaw that would lead to his demise."

Brad has since established himself as one of the most sought-after performers in the movie business.

And Redford insisted he believed Brad was going to become a star the moment they met.

Speaking in the October issue of Esquire magazine, the Hollywood veteran shared: "[Brad] had that. When he first came in, he had a look about him. I said, 'Yeah, you're looking at it. He's going to succeed.'"

Redford also speaks highly of another modern day Hollywood heartthrob, Ryan Gosling.

The movie icon hailed the handsome star's "multifaceted" acting abilities.

Redford continued: "He is so multi-talented.

"When I saw 'La La Land', I didn't know he could play the piano. I knew he could do all these other things. He's a terrific actor. I enjoy watching him. He's really great."

Redford was held up as a sex symbol at the height of his film career.

But the actor admitted he's glad the obsession with his good looks has lessened as he's aged.

He previously explained: "It got harder and harder, and then it got exhausting. And I guess the nice thing about getting older is that you don't have that quite so much anymore.

"I never had a problem with my face on screen. I thought it is what it is, and I was turned off by actors and actresses that tried to keep themselves young."