Sarah Ferguson has insisted she isn't being "brave" returning to work so soon after having a mastectomy.

Sarah Ferguson was diagnosed with breast cancer last month

Sarah Ferguson was diagnosed with breast cancer last month

The Duchess of York revealed last month she had been diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram and while she urged people in her position not to be "superheroes" and to push themselves too hard, she also acknowledged she doesn't "feel as [she] did" but wants to take "mini steps" in her recovery.

Speaking on her 'Tea Talks' podcast, she said: “We must make people realise it’s not ok, but if you’re going to get it catch it quick. Do the screening and go and say I can do this.

“Today I walked in here for the podcast and everyone said oh my goodness.

“It’s not bravery, It’s not courage. It’s about understanding that you are not going to feel as you did for a bit. So don’t try and be a superhero. Take mini steps. Have a cup of tea. It’s very important not to be complacent.”

The 63-year-old author - who has daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie with ex-husband Prince Andrew - recalled how she felt a "little bit wobbly" when she was admitted to the critical care unit at London's King Edward VII Hospital for her eight-hour mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

She said: “As we know I went in for a mammogram and he didn’t like what he saw. He saw a shadow.

"Then from there, I then went to the Royal Free [Hospital]. Then pathology came back a few days later. Of course your mind is already racing in every direction.

“When I walked in to King Edward VII Hospital on the day I walked right into critical care. And that made me a little bit wobbly."

Sarah's co-host, Sarah Thomson, told of her relief when she received a smiling selfie from her friend after her operation.

She said: “It felt like such a long day. When you sent me your picture in the evening when you’d come out - what a relief that was.

“But I mean no one has looked that good coming out of surgery. But what a relief that was.”

The duchess joked she had a "lovely morphine smile" after the surgery and was "talking rubbish" due to the effects of the medication.

She said: “That lovely morphine smile I had. I was chatting away. And I kept taking my oxygen mask off saying “sorry! It’s the morphine. I got away with talking an absolute load of rubbish.

“You know from there the most amazing nursing. There was so many wonderful nurses. I think I’ve written to nearly every single one of them."