Shane MacGowan wrote one last song from his hospital bed.

Shane MacGowan wrote one last song from his hospital bed

Shane MacGowan wrote one last song from his hospital bed

The Pogues frontman, who died aged 65 at his Dublin home on Thursday (30.11.23) – weeks before he was set to turn 66 and after months of ill health – was given a tape recorder by one of his visitors as he battled illness, which now contains his final voice recordings and a tune.

‘Fairytale of New York’ icon Shane’s wife Victoria Mary Clarke was quoted by The Sun saying: “Another visitor came in with a present of a recording device which Shane started using.

“He’s actually managed to write a song on it by singing into it. He’s been singing the song to people who’ve come in to see him.”

Victoria has also revealed Shane spent his final months bingeing on ‘Father Ted’ episodes.

She said: “So he wouldn’t get bored we brought a little DVD player into Shane and friends have been giving him presents of classic movies on DVD.

“But the thing he won’t stop playing is the ‘Father Ted’ boxset. Shane watches that all day long and can’t stop laughing.”

Shane had been in and out of hospital several times before his death, and was first hospitalised in December 2022 suffering from viral encephalitis, which leads to brain swelling and left him in agony.

Along with amusing himself with ‘Father Ted’ re-runs, Shane also revelled in being visited by a string of music stars.

They included Bruce Springsteen,74, who visited Shane during the Irish leg of his recent world tour.

Shane’s fellow Pogue and long-term pal Spider Stacy, 64, was also among the famous faces who dropped in on the singer.

Victoria said online at the time: “The handsome @spiderstacy @poguesofficial popped in to see @ShaneMacGowan yesterday and things are looking very positive! Really hoping he can get home soon!”

Daniel O’Donnell, 61, and Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, 62, also surprised Shane with visits, with Victoria posting: “Thank you Daniel O’Donnell and Bobby G for visiting Shane MacGowan you are so kind and thoughtful it’s so helpful.

“Prayers for everyone who is in hospital! And immensely grateful to all the staff!”