Jess Glynne thinks social media is a "really scary place".

Jess Glynne thinks social media is scary

Jess Glynne thinks social media is scary

The 33-year-old singer has faced lots of online criticism over the years, and she admits it can be hard to deal with the pressures of fame.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I’m a human being and you can’t walk around with a filter on your mouth.

"I’m a real, honest, genuine person - in a good way. I always mean well and I only want to present love and good vibes.

"No one’s perfect out here and it’s difficult because the attack on socials is hard. People can’t do anything right any more. It’s mad.

"Accountability is important and I’ll always hold my hands up when I make a mistake or say the wrong thing.

"I definitely can see the damage and I think it’s a really scary place, social media."

Jess took a break from social media amid the COVID-19 lockdown, and she thinks she's now in a much better headspace.

The pop star suggested that she's found a healthy "balance" in her life.

The 'I'll Be There' hitmaker explained: "My relationship with social media is very healthy at the moment.

"I’ve found a really good balance and I think I’m learning to enjoy it because I’m doing it the way I want to do it.

"It’s easy to get lost in those things, to doubt yourself and see what people are doing.

"We all do it and it’s like, what’s the point in getting too down on yourself. Just switch it off and move on."

Jess is now looking forward to the next chapter of her career, after joining forces with Roc Nation, the entertainment agency founded by Jay Z.

She shared: "I feel very appreciative of where I’m at and who I’ve got around me because everyone I do have around me is a believer in anything is possible."

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