Olivia Rodrigo feels "less alone" when she's songwriting.

Olivia Rodrigo loves the creative process

Olivia Rodrigo loves the creative process

The 20-year-old pop star has enjoyed huge success over recent years, and Olivia feels she really benefits from the creative process.

Asked what she wants audiences to take away from her music, Olivia told Variety: "Honest songwriting. It’s what I’ve gravitated towards my whole life - music that helps you process what you’re feeling or comforts you when you’re feeling these big feelings.

"It’s just nice to know that someone else is experiencing them. It makes you feel less alone."

Olivia kicks off her 'Guts' tour a few days after she turns 21 in February.

Asked how she's feeling about her landmark birthday, Olivia replied: "I’m so excited! It’s a very serendipitous week, right? And these songs were made to be sung in a crowd … the lyrics, I’m hoping, will resonate even more in person.

"I think it’s going to be an unforgettable experience especially since 'Sour' came during a pandemic. I’m really happy with how everything is going and there’s a lot of fun things we have planned in terms of visuals and stuff like that."

Meanwhile, Olivia previously confessed to being an "oversharer".

The chart-topping singer admitted that she can be too open and honest at times - especially in her songwriting.

The 'Bad Idea Right?' hitmaker told NME: "I’ve always been such an oversharer.

"I’ll tell my Uber driver all of my deepest traumas and insecurities, and so I just think songwriting for me is an extension of that aspect of my personality. I’ve never really been so terrified of people learning about the intimate parts of myself; I think that’s what makes songwriting so special."

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