Tess Daly reminds her kids they're "100 per cent northern".

Tess Daly with husband Vernon Kay

Tess Daly with husband Vernon Kay

The 46-year-old 'Strictly Come Dancing' host and her radio DJ husband Vernon Kay, 41, are from Cheshire and Lancashire and their two daughters Amber, 10 and Phoebe, five, have completely different accents to their parent because they've grown up in Buckinghamshire, which Tess sometimes finds "weird".

She confessed: "It's weird, they sound so posh when they talk. But I keep reminding them that they are actually 100 per cent northern!"

Although the star moved to London twenty years ago and switched from modelling to presenting she never felt pressured to change her regional accent.

She said: "My accent was never an issue. Not for other people anyway. I did remember hearing my accent and wondering whether I should be less, let's say, colloquial."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty thinks anyone who fakes it will get "found out" and won't last long in show business.

She told The Times: "When I was modelling, doing a shoot or making a pop video, I'd be given a leotard or a wig and instructed to play the showgirl. Even though I was quite shy I could get into a character and have the confidence to, say, shimmy up to Simon Le Bon in video or take to the catwalk in a pair of heels. But it's very different on TV. You can't be 'a character'. You have to be yourself otherwise you'll get found out. I think the people that do try to fake it are the ones that burn brightly but briefly and then get found out."