Wyatt Russell and his fiancee Meredith Hagner are reportedly set to tie the knot in Aspen, Colorado this weekend.

Wyatt Russell and Meredith Hagner

Wyatt Russell and Meredith Hagner

The 'Overlord' actor - who is the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn - proposed to the 'Younger' actress in Snowmass Village, Colorado in front of their closest family in December.

And now sources have told PageSix.com that the pair are planning to get married in Wyatt's parents' favourite ski resort, where they have their own luxurious Home Run Ranch.

Wyatt and his half-siblings Kate Hudson - who was spotted in Aspen earlier this week - Oliver Hudson and Boston Russell used to regularly go on vacation to the Aspen lodge as kids.

Announcing their engagement over the festive period, Meredith wrote on Instagram: "the love of my dang life proposed to me. He is the best guy in the world. It was an epic surprise surrounded by our closest family and I would give the proposal 5 stars on yelp!!!!! (sic)"

The couple met in 2016 whilst working together on the independent film 'Folk Hero & Funny Guy'.

Despite having two very famous parents, Wyatt insists his life growing up was very "normal" because Kurt and Goldie made an effort to make their "abnormal" life seem more normal.

He said previously: "It did seem normal to me because they never made what they did abnormal. They never made themselves abnormal. They never looked at themselves like, 'I'm special because I do this.' The normalcy of who we are came from the core values of who my parents were when they grew up and transferred it into their parenting styles for the way we are. It's definitely not a normal thing, to do this. People can get caught up in it. It's hard not to sometimes."

Before becoming an actor, Wyatt was a hockey player and liked the sport because it was "numbers related" unlike acting, which he says is "subjective".

He explained: "I liked playing hockey and being a goalie because it was numbers related. You're either the best or you're not. It's numbers. You have the best goals-against average and save the most pucks and win the most games, or you don't. It's not subjective. So going into this world, I didn't like the subjectivity of it because it meant that other people were going to put what they thought about you onto you."