Seriously Dead is set in the sleepy little town of Olwinskirk. As extraordinary things start to take place Betty, Albert, Billy and the local undertaker- Tristan de Winter all find themselves bound together by history.

Seriously Dead

Seriously Dead

It tells the tale of Albert Blunderstone who has been hiding aboard after robbing a bank with this friend Nodger Wilson.

When he flies home to attend Nodger’s funeral, he meets his widow Betty who is now married to Billy Blenkinsop. Albert strikes up a friendship with Betty in order to find his cut of the cash from the robbery.

All the while a Guardian Angel named Thelma has no idea why she’s being denied access to heaven. But as the story unfolds, it all becomes clear why she can’t go beyond those Pearly Gates.

Seriously Dead sees producer and actress Leah Bell reunite with actress Crissy Rock – a winning combination- these ladies know how to put a script and a story together.

They have incredible on-stage chemistry and know how to get the attention of an audience and secure the laughs.  

The show kicked off with a hilarious scene describing the demise of Betty’s husband before she goes to visit him in the undertakers. The moment you hear Crissy Rock’s acerbic one liners, delivered in the loudest and proudest scouse accent, you know you are in good company.

From the moment the lights went down your chuckle muscle didn’t get a rest. You can’t beat what I call ‘dad humour’- the old jokes, the slapstick and innuendo are always the best way to get an audience going and they resonate with all generations.

Paul Dunn, Frazer Hines and Billy Pearce bounced off one another on stage and looked like they had a lot of fun up there with the ladies.    

I have to admit, I was utterly devastated when I saw the turn out last night. When we went to see Dirty Dusting last year it was packed out and I expected the same of last night given the names attached to it. With that said- the people who showed up did nothing but laugh and join in where they could.

I took my mother in law with me and it was the perfect evening for two women with an appetite for giggling.  

I really do hope on the last two nights of their tour that they get a larger audience because they all well and truly deserve it.

A story that makes you believe in love conquering all- no matter what the obstacles- there will be a right place and a right time if it’s meant to be. Seriously Dead makes you leave with a great big smile on your face and a great big pain in your belly from laughing so much!  

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