The crowd seemed different at the November Comedy Store. If I had to guess why- I assume all the usual folks who come before a big night out were watching the fireworks and we were left with were people who wanted this to be the pivotal part of their evening. Consequently, an enjoyable night was had by all and you could tell that the comedians were more at ease with the audience.

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store

Jason Cook was our MC for the evening and never before have I enjoyed the MC's performance as much as the main acts. Whether it was the case or not- he seemed to take up a little more time before, during and after the acts, which was more than welcome. For the first act- my partner and I were trying to decide where we knew him from. In the second part, he revealed that he was in fact the guy in the 'One Small Step for Man' Jacobs Cracker TV commercial. He inevitably told some jokes off the back of this, which resulted in some wonderful stories about his daughter and wife dealing with his TV fame. He had a great rapport with the people in the front row which resulted in some very odd dialogue but side-splitting all the same.

Scouser Chris McCausland was on first but was my favourite act of the night. He announced right away that he is blind and some of his stories related to this but for the most part- he brushed this aside and got on with his other hilarious tales. He touched upon the usual subjects of choice- relationships, parenting and family but with a well-paced, freshness that made him stand out.

We had already seen the second comedian Paul Tonkinson before as he was the support act for Michael McIntyre's tour last year. Even though I'd heard some of his stories previously about his wife and kids, they were still funny a second time around and of course they were interspersed with some new ones.

New Zealander Jarred Christmas was the last act on stage and I found him to be a little intimidating. What he was saying was funny but it seemed to be overshadowed by the volume of his delivery. His performance felt more like a telling off for me but his observational comedy of the Brits and our ways of doing things was on point.

We had another enjoyable evening at The Comedy Store- it's just the tonic after a stressful week and it doesn't cost the earth either.

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