Dreaming about abortion generally means there have been some developments in your life that have been rejected or abandoned.

We find out what it means to dream about an abortion

We find out what it means to dream about an abortion

Perhaps you were part way through a project at work, mid-way through something in your relationship or in the midst of a project in your personal life and something has come about that means it cannot be completed. Someone has put a stop to it because they don’t support it or maybe you have lost momentum or passion for whatever it was.

An abortion can also symbolise your hesitation about heading down a new path in your life. Perhaps you are afraid, feel pressured or believe you have moral oblations that stop you from moving forwards.

If someone close to you was having an abortion- perhaps there is some aspect of your relationship that is not maturing or growing at the rate in which you’d like it to. Is there something you can do to make the relationship blossom?

Dreaming about having an illegal or unsafe abortion could indicate that you desperately want things to remain the same. You are not prepared for change and the thought of it scares you because you feel you lack the skills for whatever it is.

Another interpretation is- if you were the one having an abortion- you are doing something to stunt your own growth. Think long and hard about the blockers you are putting in the way of yourself and why this might be.

The dream could simply be a result of you having an abortion on your waking life. The dreamscape is a means of coping and healing afterwards.

Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to take better care of yourself and your health if you have been neglecting it lately.

If the abortion in your dream resulted in the death of the mother, perhaps you feel a situation in your waking life is going to be very final. You may need to look at another approach for there to be a different outcome.

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