If you are walking or going backwards in a dream, it might be because you are withdrawing from a situation in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about moving backwards

We find out what it means to dream about moving backwards

It’s possible that if you continue in a situation during your waking hours it may hinder your progress or end up being counterproductive. Perhaps your relationship with your partner is going nowhere? Or maybe you are in a dead end job?

It seems that whatever you are striving for in life is moving away from you, so you may be burdened with feelings of failure right now or that you will never be able to achieve your goals and dreams.

Alternatively, your subconscious might be telling you to back off from a situation if your presence or input is making things worse.

If you were falling backwards in your dream then maybe you have stopped yourself from making the wrong decision or perhaps you are not yet ready to move forwards and need to take a step back in order to prepare yourself better for the next chapter.

Falling backwards can also be indicative of a perceived lack of control in your waking hours or perhaps you fear losing control. You may need to take back control of your life and focus on the thing that will return you to the driving seat of your own existence.

If you were driving backwards in your dream then you may be facing a dangerous or morally wrong situation at present. It might be time to follow your heart and listen to your conscience if participating in this could get you into trouble or be detrimental to your future.

One final thought process is that you might be falling back into old, unhealthy or destructive ways of behaviour. You may wish to exercise the same strength that brought you out of these habits before so you’re not trapped in a vicious cycle again.

Source: www.edreaminterpreation.org





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