If you saw a black cat in your dream it could be that you aren’t confident in your own intuitions.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If the cat was clawing, biting or scratching you then your dream could be telling you to listen to your own inklings more. You can no longer ignore your gut instincts.

Cats of this colour are thought to represent psychic ability- so perhaps you are in tune and connected with your inner thoughts. Do you need to embrace this side of yourself more?

You might associate the black cat with bad luck in your waking hours- in which case, you may be fixating on some bad luck you’ve had of late or feel you are about to receive some. Try to remember that bad luck is the work of superstition- so don’t look out for things that aren’t there or look negatively upon situations that could happen to anyone.

Some people consider black cats to be signs of evil so it’s possible you think you are mixing with some immoral people in your waking hours. Do you need to distance yourself from them? Those whom you trust might betray you.

As black cats are often associated with witches and the occult- perhaps there is something in your waking life you are trying to prove to people but they don’t believe you.

It could mean that you are out of touch with reality- you are being delusional. You believe in something that you have no evidence for.

If a black cat crossed your path- many believe it’s bad form to travel and do any business in the upcoming weeks and months as they will surely be unsuccessful. In other words- will you believe what others tell you or carve your own path?

If a black cat appeared in your home- then people whom you’ve decided not to invite into your affairs might take a keen interest in your personal life. Keep them at arm’s length.

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