If you were dreaming about soaking chickpeas, then you could be making gradual changes to something in your waking life- your home, your career or your relationship to name a few.

We find out what it means to dream about chickpeas

We find out what it means to dream about chickpeas

This change might feel good initially, however you might get bored and divert your interest to something new. It’s possible this change may be taking too long and you are losing your patience. Perhaps you are considering doing something that is more instantaneous.

If you are willing to wait then you might prosper in the end and have things in abundance. It all depends if you are willing to give it time.

Perhaps the change is in you- you are growing and transforming as a person but at a slower pace. You might have accepted that it will take time and are happy to take little steps as long as you are heading in the right direction.

It’s possible that something is undergoing an expansion- a business for instance- which might bring a mixture of emotions, including negative ones which is why it might be praying on your mind. Or you might be excited about something growing- such as you finances, your friendships or your family.

Another thought is that chickpeas represent the people closest to you who are all trying to grow and progress too- they just need space and encouragement from you.

On the other hand- do you feel like people are crowding you and not giving you the room you need to flourish?

It is suggested that chickpeas can also be indicative of people’s attitude towards your work- chances are they will show little interest in what you do because it is not out of the ordinary.

With that said, chickpeas are thought to be symbolic of hard earned money- so even if others don’t take pride in what you do- you should because you deserve to.

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