To dream about chopping something could mean that you need to cut something down to a manageable size before you can deal with it. An issue or a problem might be too large to cope with until you break it down into bitesize chunks.

We find out what it means to dream about chopping

We find out what it means to dream about chopping

If you were chopping food- the dream could be telling you to prepare more for things in your waking life to make them easier and ensure that your responsibilities are simpler to deal with.

On the other hand, it could mean that you need to chop or get rid of something from your life that is detrimental to your health or your happiness. It could be a bad habit you need to stop, a relationship you need to leave behind or a job you need to change.

More negatively, chopping something could mean that you’re too ruthless in your waking hours with other people. Perhaps you are too quick to cut people out of your life and have lived to regret it. Maybe you reject or oppose people and situations before you’ve had a chance to really think it through.

Consider what you were chopping as this might give you a better insight in what you are trying to cleanse yourself of.

If you were chopping off a body part, it could be due to fears of never being able to do something ever again. Perhaps you feel limited or that someone else is forcing you to sever ties with friends, family or professional connections.

Chopping a tree down could mean that you are trying to put a stop to some area of your life that is well established. It’s possible you are trying to put an end to an ongoing problem that you’ve had enough of.

Or it could be that you are jealous of someone else and how well established their life is and you want to unsettle them in some way.

You may want to end a relationship you’ve been in for some time because, despite how long you’ve been together- you know isn’t working.


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