When you dream about hanging clothes on a line- especially if the clothes you are hanging are underwear garments, then you may be revealing hidden aspects of yourself to someone. You are willing to share your emotions and feelings with other people.

We find out what it means to dream about hanging clothes on the line

We find out what it means to dream about hanging clothes on the line

It could also be symbolic of the hang-ups you have about yourself- your personality or your body.

If the clothes were white, then you may feel like you need to cleanse or purify your mind or your body. This could be by distancing yourself from someone who is toxic, by ridding yourself of a bad habit or behavior or by consuming better things for your body to give it a chance to rid itself of any inhibitors to your physical health.

You might also be stating your innocence over something if you have been wrongly accused in your waking life. It’s possible you might just want the truth about something or someone if you feel you’ve been lied to.

The dream could be telling you not ‘to air your dirty laundry’- in other words don’t tell everyone about your business- only the people who matter and who can keep it to themselves. Telling everyone doesn’t fix the problem it just increases the number of opinions about how to live your life.

Hanging clothes out could also indicate that you are taking your time to fix or address something. You know that with some patience- it will all be resolved- you just need to wait.

Another perspective is that you are elevating yourself above a situation to gain a better perspective on things or because you have risen above it if you deem it to be unworthy of your time and energy.  

More simply- you may need to spend more time outdoors to blow away the cobwebs and let nature do its thing rather than trying to tackle something with haste all for the sake of convenience.

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