If you were eating a croissant in your dream then you may be lacking some affection in your waking life or you’re hungry for a certain kind of affection. Do you need to tell a partner or family member that you yearn for their attention to make you feel better?

We find out what it means to dream about a croissant

We find out what it means to dream about a croissant

You may feel there’s a void in your life that needs to be filled. You might want a partner, a job that makes you happy, a new hobby, a better social life- whatever it might be- then perhaps you need to actively pursue it. Even more so if you haven’t put in any effort to acquire whatever it is and expected it to be handed to you.  

If you generally eat croissants at breakfast, then it could be symbolic of a new start. A new love, a new job, a new location or even a new you. Is it time for a change? Are there people in your waking life who could support you with this change?

Another thought is that you have a lot of opportunities you still have to take a bite of. The size of the croissant could be indicative of just how big these opportunities are that may be passing you by.

Croissants can also represent comfort- they are a comfort food so you may feel comfortable in life right now or perhaps you crave the contentment you perceive others around you to have.

If you were eating lots of croissants in your dream then this may speak of your willpower. Perhaps you give in easily to others and don’t give yourself a chance to think about the implications. It might be time to focus less on the here are now and your immediate desires and think about the impact it could have later down the line.

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