To dream about cuddling someone can represent a situation or a relationship you want to be perfect all the time- even more so if the cracks are showing.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You wish for a perfect experience without anything going wrong even though you know deep down that perfection cannot be achieved.

More negatively, hugging in a dream could be telling you that you focus too much on ideals and fantasies and never see the things for what they are.

Cuddling someone might be a sign that you crave physical contact or you want someone to care about you.

Think about who you were cuddling as this might just be the person who you want more affection from. This could be an existing partner or someone you wish to be romantic with.

Perhaps you need to be more affectionate towards someone in your waking life. They may need your cuddles and your attention right now to make them feel loved and comforted.

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Cuddles are synonymous with security, sharing, closeness and familiarity. It’s possible these are things you feel you lack in life and therefore would benefit from.

How did you feel about the cuddle? If it was a positive experience than you may be comfortable with personal contact and therefore want more of it in your life.

If it made you uneasy, the dream could be telling you that your lack of physical contact with others might be detrimental to your personal relationships.

Hugging is also thought to be indicative of embracing something in your life. Perhaps you are willing to do things you’ve never done before- try something differently or you’re open to new concepts. Whichever it is- you are being flexible at present and it’s to your benefit.

A cuddle might also be a sign that you are making up with someone. It’s possible you have recently made amends with someone in your waking hours so the dream is a reflection of that reconciliation.

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Consider what you are going through and the general tone of your life right now and see if it matches how you felt in the dream. The words of the song are equally as important as this can offer further interpretation to your dream. Consider how the lyrics relate to your life and what is happening in it right now. If the music was easy to listen to, then perhaps your life is going through a settled and happy patch. If the music was upbeat, then you might be excited about something that is happening to you now or that is in your future. Fast music suggests that things are getting ahead of you and you are racing to catch up. If the music was out of tune or wasn’t gelling together, you may be experiencing some happiness, worries or issues. If you were the one playing the music to others, you might be trying to alter the mood or atmosphere in some area of your waking life if it’s making you uncomfortable as it stands... to read more click HERE 

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