If you see a cupcake in your dream it might be that you're thinking about all the sweet things that are coming your way- if you're looking forward to something in your waking life such as a holiday, a promotion or a personal achievement.

We find out what it means to dream about cupcakes

We find out what it means to dream about cupcakes

If the cupcake was out of reach, then maybe you need to wait and be patient for your reward- you need to sit tight and it will come to you if you give it a chance. It might be achievable but it might also take time to reach you.

If you were eating a cupcake in your dream then you may have recently received a reward for something or are guaranteed one in the near future. Perhaps you feel satisfaction in both your personal and professional life right now.

If no one is rewarding you- then you may feel like giving yourself a little treat instead to say ‘well done’ because you believe you deserve it. Maybe you have bought yourself a little something to mark your success.

Another interpretation is that you need to downsize in some area of your life so you can manage it better. It's possible that you need to take things one bite at a time rather than trying to achieve everything in one go.

A stale cupcake might be a reminder to you that life can be unpleasant- that if you neglect things like relationships, situations and responsibilities- negative results are unavoidable.

Are you leaving things too long before addressing them? Perhaps you need to nip things in the bud before they get out of control or pay closer attention to what you have rather than leaving it/them so long that the moment or opportunity passes you by.

Cupcakes can also foretell satisfaction in your social, home and working life.

Source: www.gotohoroscope.com




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