If you dream about a cyborg, you may need to find a balance between your objectivity and personal feelings.

We find out what it means to dream about a cyborg

We find out what it means to dream about a cyborg

You need to think more closely about the equilibrium between your physical state and your social environment.

Perhaps you are too firm in your thinking and you need to be more open minded to other opinions and possibilities. Closing off your mind to these could be working against you.

Your ideas may be limited due to this black and white way of thinking, so the dream could be telling you to develop your ideas more.

You may be too assumptive and this self-confidence could lead you into trouble.

If the cyborg had a chip for a heart, then perhaps you’ve met someone lately who you is very robot like- who seems to have lack emotions when it comes to the feelings of others. Or are you the person who shows no empathy or offers any comfort to others?

On the other hand, seeing a cyborg, could be telling you to be more tenacious and persistent when it comes to difficult tasks. Perhaps you give up on things too easily.

If you were the cyborg in your dreamscape, you may be finding it difficult to adapt to a new environment- either at work or at home.

If you turned into a cyborg, you might be treating something with too much rigidity or you are being too mechanical and you need to relax and open yourself up to other points of view and ways of dealing with problems.

A cyborg that is programmed to kill you in a dream, could mean you have an enemy in your waking life who will stop at nothing until they see you fail. Be careful who you trust.

A robot replacing you at work, could reflect genuine concerns that your role might one day become obsolete as a result of technology.

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