Flies are a representation of something that is an ongoing distraction or annoyance in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about flies

We find out what it means to dream about flies

Perhaps you have a person or situation that keeps coming back even if you have tried your best to rid yourself of them or it.

This problem or person might be so annoying that you are incapable of thinking of anything else.

On the flipside, perhaps you are putting up with a recurring problem that you don’t need to. It might be time to wave it goodbye. Maybe you are too lazy to do anything about or you are afraid you might hurt someone feelings if you tell them how they make you feel. This could be extreme feelings of irritation, jealousy or envy for instance.

If you got rid of the flies, then you may soon be able to ask the troublemakers in your life to leave or you will get rid of the recurring problem.

Flies also represent sickness and contagion. Perhaps you are generally afraid of becoming ill- it makes you nervous to think of catching something that is detrimental to your health. Someone close to you might be ill right now and you’re worried about something down with the same thing.

It’s possible you are someone who zaps all the enjoyment out of life and those around you. Is this something you need to work on? Or maybe someone else is like this and you want them to realise and change. Are you the person to tell them? Or do you want to distance yourself from them completely?

Flies are also thought to be a symbol of surrounding enemies so you may feel like people are ganging up against you of late- that you are outnumbered.    

If there was a fly in your ear, then someone may be trying to tell you something you don’t want to hear.

Flies are renowned for being dirty insects, so perhaps you feel that your reputation has been muddied lately and you are trying to clear your name.

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