Dreaming of germs can be linked to something small that is growing at a fast pace in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about germs

We find out what it means to dream about germs

This could be a project, business, illness, relationship, gossip- whatever it might be- feels like it’s out of your control.

If the dream was negative, then the spread could have poor consequences for the future, however if the dream felt positive then this expansion might be a good thing for you.

Growth can be linked to success- so don’t look immediately to the bad when dreaming about germs.

Germs are linked to sickness and forces you aren’t prepared for that are destructive in nature.

Perhaps you have been ill lately and it’s far worse than you thought. The dream could be a reflection of the adjustments you are having to make as a result.

Or maybe someone has entered your life who seems intent on destroying what you have built. Is it time you distanced yourself from this person? You probably don’t need the negative energy so it might be time to walk away.

Do you attract negative energy and always look on the darker side of life? If so, perhaps you need to find a way to deflect any badness that comes your way and find a means of shifting your mindset.

Germs also represent small and irrational fears you may have. Try to focus on the bigger picture or you could get bogged down with the minor details and miss out on something significant.  

More simply, perhaps you worry too much about the germs on your person and in your home and you need to relax a little around the issue. Some germs are healthy to have around and help you to build up a natural resistance.

Are you fearful about being ‘infected’ by someone’s personality, lifestyle or persuasive nature? Perhaps you are worried that someone new in your life is going to be a bad influence on you and you are worried about being drawn into their world. If this is the case, do you need to nip your relationship in the bud before you get any close to this person?

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