To see an iron in your dream suggests that you need to iron something out.

We find out what it means to dream about an iron

We find out what it means to dream about an iron

In other words, you need to ease or solve some minor difficulties, troubles or problems that are happening in your waking life right now. They aren’t life changing but things would be much easier if they weren’t there.

On the other hand, the dream could be telling you to take some action. Consider the phrase- ‘strike while the iron is hot’- perhaps you need to grab an opportunity with both hands while you still can.

If the iron was rusty and old, then you might endure some poverty and disappointment in the near future.

Pay attention to what you were ironing. If you were using the iron to flatten your own clothes- perhaps you are trying to present yourself in a better light to people around you. Ask yourself why- is it for their sake or yours?

If the clothes you were ironing were very creased- it’s possible you are being too informal in your life and you need to take things more seriously in order to get ahead.

To burn yourself with an iron in your dreamscape suggests that you need to be more careful. Someone or something is out to hurt you or you are being careless.

Ironing also represents domestic comforts and order in the home. If your house is in disarray at the moment, perhaps you need to put things back in their place and spend some time organising to help clear your space as well as your mind.

Along the same vein- ironing relates to getting the little things done in life so maybe you need to spend some time on the small stuff. Do you have errands to run, personal appointments to make and bills to pay?

Finally- you may be ready for a transformation- even more so if the clothes were very wrinkled. Do you feel like a change is needed in your life?


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