Dreaming about a lizard might refer to your basic instincts and reactions. If you were running away from the lizard, perhaps you are in denial or refusing to trust your gut instincts. Is it about time you listened to your body or your mind?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you see someone as ‘cold blooded’ and you are suffering because of their deliberate callousness or cruelty towards you.

Someone close to you may be ‘thick skinned’ and you envy them for being so unaffected by criticism or insults. You may wish you were more like them if you are overly sensitive.

It’s possible you think these things about yourself. Do you need to pass on your wisdom on how to be thicker skinned to someone who is fragile right now?

Or do you need to show people your emotions and your pity more if being so cold blooded is driving people way from you.  

Lizards shed their skin so perhaps you feel you are in need of some sort of rebirth or renewal in your waking hours.  Do you want to take a new career path? Make some changes in your relationships? Or do you want to change who you are as a person inside or out?

If the lizard was crawling- there may be someone in your waking life who is sneaking around and keeping a low profile.

Do you anticipate this person is going to betray you? If so, be wary of them as they might offer you something that doesn’t align with what you feel is right.

On the flipside are you the person who is doing the sneaking? Why are you doing it and will it all be worth it in the end?  

If you saw a crawling lizard, it could mean you are well grounded. In other words, you base all your decisions and actions on good evidence and reason. You don’t get swept up in rumours and biases. Could other people benefit from your way of doing things?  

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