If you dream about being lonely, perhaps a successful project has recently come to an end and you aren’t surrounded by as many people as you were.

We find out what it means to dream about loneliness

We find out what it means to dream about loneliness

On the bright side, it can mean that you have new found confidence and independence to deal with any issues or problems that come your way.

More negatively, the dream could be a true reflection of how you feel about yourself- you lack confidence and you are constantly doubting yourself which is making you shy away from people. Have faith in yourself- it starts from within.

Loneliness could be a result of abandonment issues or losses during your childhood that still trouble you now. Perhaps you need to address the feelings that are holding you back before you can progress.

Perhaps you have been reminded of someone you miss badly in your waking hours. Is it time to get in touch? If you are unable to see them for whatever reason- do you need to find someone who can fill that gap for you? A partner whom you’re no longer with, a family member who has passed or a friend who has parted ways with you. It’s possible you need a new lover, a new friend or to spend more time with the family members who are still here to help you heal.

The dream could be telling you that you spend too much time alone and you need to make more of an effort. If you are lonely, you might be the reason, so maybe you need be more proactive in finding people to spend time with.

Loneliness can also be associated with deprivation. You may not deprive yourself of company, but the dream could be a symbol for something else you feel you lack.

On the flipside, perhaps you need some ‘me time’ and you ned to get to know your own company again. The dream could be a warning to you not to take it too far, but spend some time by yourself to assess what you need and want in life without distraction.

Source: www.dreamstop.com


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