If you see or eat macaroni in your dream, it might symbolize something trivial or insignificant that you’re spending too much time worrying about. Perhaps you need to refocus your thoughts and discussions on something more worthwhile.

We find out what it means to dream about macaroni

We find out what it means to dream about macaroni

If you were eating macaroni and cheese, then you might have had some success lately but the result is not particularly significant or beneficial. You may have achieved something recently but you don’t want to discuss it or boast about it because you don’t feel it’s worth bragging about.

Alternatively, macaroni has a very simple shape to it so it might represent something simple in your life that doesn’t put too much strain on your brain. Something that you enjoy because it’s not too mentally taxing. Something like watching trash TV or listening to music.

On the flipside, it could mean that you need more complexity in your life to keep it interesting and to stretch your mind. Are you settling for something because it's too simple and doesn’t challenge you? A job or a hobby for instance?  

Macaroni is thought to represent losses- so if you were eating small plate of macaroni then you should have small losses, but if you were working your way through a mountain of macaroni then your losses will be much bigger.

If the macaroni was in large qualities then the dream could be urging you to economize and save your money rather than splurging it in large qualities on one thing at a time.

Eating macaroni can represent comfort and ease- it’s something that is quick and simple to make- a family favourite. You might be craving this sense of ease in your waking life if things have become hard for you lately. Perhaps you are feeling nostalgic about a time when your life was much simpler- when you had less responsibilities and fewer day to day stresses or obstacles.

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