When manatees are swimming it’s symbolic of your feelings- perhaps you need to let your feelings out rather than bottling them up just below the surface. Think about what emotions you need to release to help you move forward.

We find out what it means to dream about a manatee

We find out what it means to dream about a manatee

Manatees tend to be very peaceful and relaxed animals so maybe your subconscious is telling you to slow down the pace and take some time out for you.

If you were swimming with a manatee, it could be indicative of your warm and gentle personality, which might be what attracts others to you. Alternatively, maybe someone has shown you this kindness recently and it was just what you needed from them.

If you saw a manatee and her baby in a dream, then you may need to show yourself some more love and care right now if you have been giving yourself a hard time.

Manatees are thought to be docile, unassuming, innocent, harmless and susceptible to their environment- the dream could be telling you to adopt one or more of these traits. Or it could be telling you to exhibit less of such qualities if they are being detrimental to your relationships or your life in general. Are you too lazy, slow, lacking ambition and drive? Is this what is stopping you from achieving your dreams? It might be worth trying to establish what has caused this halt in your progress.

Is someone in your life like this? Perhaps you feel aggravated by how their laziness and lack of get up and go is also holding you back. Can this person change or would distancing yourself from them help you to make a positive step forward?

Another interpretation is that you are being passive in a situation and you may need to stick up for yourself more rather than let others walk all over you.

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