Marshmallows are thought to represent a timid nature and a lack of self-confidence. Perhaps you need to be more assertive and stand up to people who try to push you around or even stand up to your own self doubt.

We find out what it means to dream about marshmallows

We find out what it means to dream about marshmallows

If you were toasting marshmallows in your dream, this could represent how much you’ve matured lately and grown in self-confidence- in your abilities to do certain things.

Or perhaps you feel suddenly motivated to do something above and beyond what you need to in order to make something better.

Marshmallows around a campfire could be your subconscious telling you to get outdoors more- perhaps you could go camping or simply sit out and enjoy the fresh air in your back garden. Embrace the simple pleasures in life.

Another thought is that marshmallows are symbolic of something that is easy in your life right now. You may be in a situation that you’re enjoying because it’s light-hearted.

More negatively, perhaps you are wasting your time on such things and avoiding the more important aspects of your life.

You may be so fixated on the extras and the bonuses in your life that you’ve forgotten about the work it took to kick start the process or the main event. 

If you were eating marshmallows with chocolate then you may need to pay closer attention to what you’re putting in your body. Is the quality of food you choose to eat taking its toll on your health?

Marshmallows are generally something eaten upon a celebration- so perhaps you are anticipating a get together with friends and family with sweet treats.

Finally seeing a marshmallow could reflect your resilience- you may have had a recent bad spell but you have the ability to bounce back from your difficulties and carry on regardless.


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