New year is symbolic of new beginnings, hopes and fresh starts.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If you dream about new year- perhaps you yearn for these things, particularly if you’ve had a difficult time recently. Consider what you need to do in order to start over and put those things in place. If you want a change in circumstance, you might need to be more proactive than you are now.

If you were hosting a new year party- it shows that you are preparing to make changes and take the initiative.  If someone else was hosting the party, then you may rely on others too much to progress in life- do you need to become more self-reliant?

Again, if the party was being held by someone you care about- perhaps you need to spend more time with this person if life has gotten in the way lately.

It’s possible you are thinking of embarking on a new proact- in which case- what’s is stopping you? Rather than thinking about it- is it about time you got on with it?

Do you want a new outlook on life? If so, is this something you can achieve on your own or do you need some help? You may need to call on a professional or someone you know and trust.

New year is generally a time to look both to the past and to the future, so the dream could be telling you to learn from your mistakes, and use this to help guide you moving forward.

Perhaps you have reached the end of a phase in your life and the dream represents the start of another- parenthood, a new career, a new relationship or a new you- whatever it might be- one door has closed and another has opened.

A new year party is linked to possibilities and opportunities- consider who was there with you. Can any of these people help you to improve in any way? If so it might be time to ask for their help.


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