When you see a panda in your dream, it usually means you are struggling to come to a compromise in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about a panda

We find out what it means to dream about a panda

You are looking for a middle ground to keep everyone happy.

More generally, perhaps you are someone who never takes sides and prefers to see things from all perspectives.

On the other hand- pandas can be linked to childhood- especially if you saw a cuddly panda in your dream.

A cute or cuddly panda could be a representation of someone in your life you would describe this way. Why are you dreaming about them? Do they need your help?

Consider the phrase ‘pandering’- perhaps you want someone to indulge or gratify your every whim. This attitude might be having a negative effect on your relationships so be wary of what you are asking of the people you care about.

In Eastern culture, Pandas are thought to be signs of good luck- so seeing one might foretell some positive times head.

Pandas are known to have strong personal boundaries- so the dream could be telling you not to let others walk all over you and disrespect your boundaries.

If people are invading your personal space, it might be wise to distance yourself from them so you can have some time for yourself.

Pandas eat a plentiful plant-based diet, so the dream could be warning to you to eat healthier foods and more naturally before your health deteriorates.

Think about a panda’s colouring- you may only see things in black and white and fail to see the greys. Do you need to be more lenient in your opinions and your thinking? Life doesn’t always lend itself to one or the other but a bit of both.

Pandas have strong associations with China too, so you may want to travel there or are considering adopting something from Chinese culture. More widely, the dream might suggest that you want to travel far away.

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