To dream of a park, symbolises a momentary escape from reality. Perhaps you crave some time out from your current situation if you feel it’s too much to think about. You suspect something bad but don't want to acknowledge it in case it's true.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If you were walking in the park then you may be feeling stressed out right now and need to find a way to relax. Perhaps you are fed up of your normal routine and want to experience something new and fresh.

Parks are often synonymous with leisure, comfort, pleasure and quality time with family or friends. Perhaps you yearn for some more quality time with those closest to you. Alternately, perhaps you need some quality or alone time with yourself if you have been giving your all to others lately.

It is common to dream about a park directly after the end of a relationship or the closure of a personal conflict- like the calm after the storm. A period of reflection.

If you were lost in the park then you may be feeling lost in your relationship, at work or in yourself.

Alternately you might be feeling alienated from others in your professional or your personal life if you were alone in a vast park.

If the park was well kept and you were walking through it with your partner, then your relationship might be going through a good patch and is healthy at present.

On the other hand, if the park you were walking through with your lover was ill kept then your relationship might be going through some difficult times.

If you could see the park improving as you walked- there is light at the end of the tunnel and your negative period will pass.

However, if the park was unattended to for as far as the eye could see, then you may not be putting in the time and effort to ensure a happy partnership. There might be a lot to do but once you do invest- then it should become easier thereafter.

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