When you see a puddle in your dream, it’s generally associated with something you have repressed or overlooked in your waking life.

We find out what it means to dream about puddles

We find out what it means to dream about puddles

Although these issues may not seem like much now- they may still be worth addressing before they get bigger.

It can also signify treading carefully in a situation during your waking hours as there could be something deeper going on.

Perhaps you feel that some part of your life is stagnant right now and you need to do something to get it moving again.

Puddles can also reflect minor setbacks or nuisances that are getting to you at work or at home or someone you wish to avoid.

There could be some issue that you would prefer to tiptoe around rather than dealing with it head on.

More negatively, a puddle can be a sign that you are overly worried about being imperfect and keep feeling disappointed simply because you are human and forget that we all make mistakes.

If you were stepping in the puddle then maybe you are creating a problem for someone or for yourself when there doesn’t really need to be one. Or perhaps you were not as careful or considerate about something as you should have been.

With that said, if the act of jumping in the puddle was a positive thing- perhaps you do not take setbacks too seriously and carry on with things, rather than letting them get you down. You may be able to laugh at yourself when you do have errors in judgement and not dwell on things too much.



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