If you saw roots in the ground, it might indicate that you have solid foundations in life- you’ve had a good upbringing.

We find out what it means to dream about roots

We find out what it means to dream about roots

It’s also important to know that the roots you are placing down are the right ones to have the future you want. Perhaps you have made a decision lately that is going to affect a significant part of your future- one you are confident in. Maybe you want such roots or perhaps you are worried about the roots you have laid down and whether they are the correct ones.

If you see damaged roots, it’s possible you are concerned about your foundations crumbling or that they already are.

Dreaming of roots can also be a sign that you feel trapped- you may need to dedicate some time to finding a way out of your current situation.

Another interpretation is that roots represent the depths of your unconscious mind. You may need to get the root of the problem in your waking life by looking inwardly first.

If you were pulling up roots in your dream, you may think it’s the right moment to let go of your past and move on- perhaps by letting go of a relationship that’s making you feel stagnant, a memory that haunts you or an action you regret but are unable to change now.

However, if you were cutting the roots in your dream- it’s possible that you are leaving the last chapter of your life behind and starting afresh because it’s no longer important or relevant to you anymore.  

Roots can also signify history- your family history or even deep routed problems that you’re trying to solve, which may or may not be linked to your family.

If the roots were peeping through the ground in your dream- you might need to release some talent or creativity that you have buried for a while.

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