If you dream about taking a shower, you may be looking for a fresh start or a sense of renewal.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps someone or something is helping you to feel less stressed or burdened. If it’s working, then it may be in your best interest to continue on the road to recovery.

Has something naturally happened to stop you feeling so worried? If this is the case- try not to take it for granted and appreciate the space it has given you.

If you really wanted a shower but couldn’t locate one or had trouble trying to work it- then there may be something in your life holding you back from feeling some relief.

Perhaps you are in the process of forgiving yourself for something you’ve done, and the dream is a symbol of cleansing yourself of that guilt.

The dream could be a metaphor for ‘showering someone with gifts’. Are you spoiling someone unnecessarily? If so- perhaps you need to focus on other aspects of your relationship rather than it being based on material presents.

You may be showering yourself with too many gifts lately and need to dial it back if it is getting you into financial trouble. Why do you feel the need to spoil yourself right now? Can you do something else instead to make yourself feel better?

If the shower was running with dirty water, then you may feel unclean right now. It’s possible that a situation has made you feel tainted in some way and you need to distance yourself from it.

If you were showering with your clothes on, then you may be reluctant to let your guard down with someone you care about. Is it affecting your relationship? If so, it might be time to let those defences down and trust this person or you could lose them altogether.

Try to remember if someone was with you in the shower- if so, then you may need to come clean with them about something.

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